Nigerian Passport Photo

Getting a passport can consist of a variety of smaller and bigger tasks – one of them is obtaining a proper passport photo that follows the correct rules and requirements set by the government of

Close-up on a pen, text “Should I Sign My Passport with My Middle Name?”

Should I Sign My Passport with My Middle Name?

Obtaining a new passport can be a tricky task, but don’t worry–we are here to help you through it. Although it can require time, focus, and special documentation, the process is not as difficult as


Jamaican Passport Photo Specifications

When getting a Jamaican passport, you have to take care of quite a few things – one of them is a proper Jamaican passport photo that is taken according to rules and regulations set by


What to Do With Expired U.S. Passport

If your US passport has expired, you might be wondering what to do with it now.  Should you throw it out? Destroy it? Send it somewhere? In this article, we will talk about exactly that


Expedited U.S. Passport Renewal

There are a lot of different reasons to have to get your passport renewed quickly – from true life-or-death emergencies to booking an international vacation quickly. In this article, we talk about expedited passport renewal


Lithuania Passport Photo

If you’re applying for a new passport or for renewal in Lithuania, you will need to present two copies of your recent passport photo (no older than 6 months) with your full application. It’s good


Estonian Passport Photo

In Estonia, passport photos have to follow certain specific rules and regulations according to the government. In our article, we would like to talk in detail about these requirements as well as provide some tips


Andorra Passport Photo

In the modern day and age, having a passport is almost a cultural necessity as passports allow us to travel abroad and identify ourselves. If you need a passport for the first time or if


Do I Need a Passport Card

Traveling or identification-wise, passports are very important.  The United States introduced a new invention in recent years – a passport card instead of a traditional passport book.  Do you need it, when you might need