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Getting a passport can consist of a variety of smaller and bigger tasks – one of them is obtaining a proper passport photo that follows the correct rules and requirements set by the government of your country. In the case of Nigeria, it’s not any different. In this article, we will present you with the most important information you need to keep in mind about the Nigerian passport photo. 


Nigerian passport photo requirements

Below we will present you with some of the most important general rules for a Nigerian passport photo. Read carefully and make sure to follow them when taking your picture. 

Background and lighting in the Nigerian passport photo

The background of your Nigerian passport photo has to be white – no other colors are permitted. You also have to make sure that it’s patternless and plain, and that it doesn’t reflect your surroundings. Avoid any other people visible in the background (including just their body parts) and any objects as well. 

When it comes to the lighting, the best one that we can recommend is natural. If you don’t have a way to use natural lighting, make sure that the one you do use does not lead to overexposure or underexposure. Watch out for shadows, especially on your face, as they can be a reason that your photo is not approved. The lighting of your Nigerian passport photo should also bring out your natural skin tones and eye color. 

In a nutshell:

  • The background has to be white
  • The lighting shouldn’t interfere with the way you look
  • Avoid shadows and under/overexposure.

Nigerian passport photo dress code 

There is no specific dress code for a Nigerian passport photo. It’s good to wear clothes that are a different color than the background. You can wear headgear only if it’s for religious purposes. Sunglasses and tinted lenses are not allowed under any circumstances, but you can wear prescription glasses if they are worn daily, they don’t obstruct your face and they don’t reflect the lighting or the area that is surrounding you. 

Jewelry is allowed as long as it doesn’t divert the attention from your facial features. Make-up would be best kept to a minimum. 

  • There is no specific dress code
  • Wear clothes different from the background
  • Nothing can obstruct your face. 

Nigerian passport photo size and technical details 

You will need two identical copies of your Nigerian passport photo and they have to be uploaded digitally so there is no printing involved. The size of the photo has to be 35mm in width and 45mm in height. The picture has to show your face and upper shoulders, focusing on the face. It cannot be blurry or damaged, it cannot be digitally beautified or changed in any way. 

The picture has to be:

  • 35×45 mm in size,
  • cannot be damaged or blurred. 

Nigerian passport photo: position & other tips 

Here are some other tips for your Nigerian passport photo:

  • You have to keep your eyes open 
  • Your mouth has to be closed in your Nigerian passport photo 
  • You have to look straight into the camera lens
  • No teeth can be shown in your passport photo
  • Avoid frowning or grinning as this is not allowed
  • Make sure that the background is shown around your frame.

Nigerian passport photos for children and infants 

The rules for a Nigerian passport photo for a child or an infant are pretty much the same as for an adult. We would just like to make sure that you don’t forget about anything, so here is a separate list of what to watch out for in this case:

  • Make sure that your baby’s eyes are fully open 
  • To keep the background white, lay a sheet underneath your infant of place them in a car seat with a white sheet beneath 
  • Make your camera take a lot of photos at once – that way you can make sure that you will get at least one workable shot
  • Your child cannot fuss or cry in the photo – the more neutral expression they show, the better. 

Nigerian passport photo summed up 

As mentioned before, while getting a passport you need to do a lot of things – one of them is getting a proper passport photo. Just make sure to follow the rules shown above to the brim and don’t forget anything and the picture should be just fine. Remember that you will need two copies and that they will have to be digitally uploaded. 


Can you smile in a Nigerian passport photo?

You should keep a neutral facial expression, though a light smile is not forbidden.

Can you have a beard in a Nigerian passport photo?

Yes, as long as a beard or any other facial hair is a part of your everyday look, you can have it on your Nigerian passport photo.

Can my baby have closed eyes in their Nigerian passport photo?

No, it is a requirement that your child’s eyes are open in the picture.

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