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In the modern day and age, having a passport is almost a cultural necessity as passports allow us to travel abroad and identify ourselves. If you need a passport for the first time or if you’re applying for a renewal, one thing stays the same – you will need to get a new passport photo. Citizens of Andorra can find the most important rules and regulations for Andorra passport photos in the article below – read along. 


General Andorra passport photo rules and regulations

Below we’ve put all of the most important Andorra passport photo rules and regulations in different sections to help you quickly skip over what you need to know. 

Application requirements

The application requirements for an Andorra passport photo are rather simple – you are required to present 4 (four) passport photocopies. The photos also cannot be older than 6 months and they have to represent your current appearance. 

Technical requirements

There are a few technical requirements for an Andorra passport photo that you should keep in mind:

  • The resolution of your photo shouldn’t be over 600dpi
  • Your photo cannot be blurry or damaged in any way
  • The size of your photo has to be 3.5 cm in width and 4.5 cm in height
  • The photo has to be in color.

Your position in the photo 

In your Andorra passport photo:

  • You should keep your head and shoulders straight and look forward
  • Your eyes have to be open and not obstructed by anything
  • You have to keep your mouth closed and don’t show any teeth
  • Smiling or frowning and other facial expressions are not allowed
  • You have to keep your face neutral. 

Dress code 

There is no dress code for an Andorra passport photo. The one thing to surely keep in mind is that your clothes have to be a different color than the background and that there should be a clear distinction between them. 

Jewelry is accepted, just remember that it shouldn’t distract the attention from your face. Headgear is allowed if it’s worn every day for religious reasons. Beards and facial hair are also allowed only if worn daily and represent your current look. 

It’s also better to keep make-up to a minimum. Prescription glasses are allowed if they don’t hide your facial features, but sunglasses or any type of tinted lenses are forbidden.

The lighting and the background

The best lighting for an Andorra passport photo is natural daylight but as long as it doesn’t change your face or colors you can use any type of lighting. Make sure to avoid shadows and overexposure/underexposure. 

The background of your passport photo has to be of white color and plain (avoid any patterns). Nothing and no one else can be visible in the background of your Andorra passport photo. 

Andorra passport photo summed up 

As you can see, there are quite a lot of rules and regulations for an Andorra passport photo. When taking the picture make sure to keep in mind all of them – from the lighting to the dress code – everything is important. Read along with our article when in doubt and check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for other queries. 


Can a selfie be my Andorra passport photo?

No, your Andorra passport photo has to be taken from a distance and it cannot be a selfie. A selfie will get your passport application rejected.

Can I digitally beautify my Andorra passport photo?

No, you have to keep all “imperfections” in your passport photo, you cannot digitally beautify it or change it in any way.

Can I take my Andorra passport photo against a blue background?

No, your Andorra passport photo background has to be white.

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