Somalia Passport Photo – The Most Important Rules

As a citizen of Somalia, you will probably need a passport sometime in your life. To obtain it, it’s obligatory to get a correct passport photo, meaning one that follows all the rules and regulations set for it by the government. In this article, we talk about these requirements as well as many other important pieces of information. Follow along to find out. 


Somalia passport photo requirements: size and other technical details 

The correct size of your Somalia passport photo according to the Somalian government should be 35 mm in width and 45 mm in height. Your photo also has to be taken within the last 6 months but the general rule is that the more recent it is the better. The photo cannot be blurry or damaged in any way, the resolution has to start at least at 600 dpi. 

The picture you submit has to be taken in color and digitally unedited – this means no covering up any scars or birthmarks, etc. You will be asked to present two identical copies of your photo along with your fulfilled passport application. 

Your photo has to be:

  • 35×45 mm in size
  • Taken recently
  • Of good quality 
  • Digitally unedited. 

Somalia passport photo regulations: dress code and positioning 

There is no right dress code for the Somalia passport photo but you are required to strongly avoid white clothing and what you wear has to contrast the background. The only type of headwear that you will be allowed is the one worn daily for religious reasons. Generally, you should avoid wearing glasses and tinted lenses are absolutely forbidden, but if prescription glasses don’t hide or change your face and don’t reflect the light or your surroundings, you don’t have to take them off. Beards are allowed if they are sported as a daily look as well. 

When it comes to your position in the Somalia passport photo, you should assume a frontal stance, with your face and upper shoulders fully visible in the picture. It’s very important that your eyes are open and visible very clearly. The facial expression you show should be as neutral as possible, with no smiling or frowning. Your mouth should be closed in the Somalia passport photo. 

To sum up, you need to:

  • Show your full face and shoulders from a frontal position
  • Nothing can obstruct your facial features
  • Headwear is only allowed if worn for religious reasons
  • Avoid glasses. 

Somalia passport photo specifications: background and lighting

Somalia passport photo, like many other passport photos around the world, should sport a white, patternless background. The lighting shouldn’t create shadows anywhere in the photo and should correctly show all of your facial features. We generally recommend using natural light, as it proves to be the best countless times. 

The background of your photo has to be:

  • White 
  • There must be no shadows
  • Your face must be fully visible.

Somalia passport photo for small children and infants

The one important rule to keep in mind when it comes to taking a Somalia passport photo of your child is that their eyes have to be open and visible. You should also remove any things – such as pacifiers, toys, hats – from the photo and make sure not to appear in the photo in any way yourself as this will get the picture rejected. The background here too has to be white, and the best way to achieve that is by placing a white sheet underneath your baby on a car seat or other place where you decide to take the picture. 

To sum up, your child has to: 

  • Have their eyes open
  • There should be nothing and no-one else visible in the picture. 

Somalia passport photo summarized 

As you can see, it’s fairly not a difficult task to remember all of the Somalia passport photo rules and regulations when you divide them into separate sections. Just keep in mind that the background has to be white, your face expressionless, your eyes fully visible and the photo undamaged. 


Can I laugh in my Somalia passport photo?

No, you need to keep your facial expression neutral in your Somalia passport photo so that means no laughing or smiling.

Are selfies allowed for a Somalia passport photo?

No, your passport picture needs to be taken from a distance. Selfies are not allowed under any circumstances.

Can my baby have closed eyes in a Somalia passport photo?

Your baby should have their eyes open in their Somalia passport photo as eye color is an important factor in identifying people.

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