Estonian Passport Photo

In Estonia, passport photos have to follow certain specific rules and regulations according to the government. In our article, we would like to talk in detail about these requirements as well as provide some tips and tricks on the topic. Follow along and learn how to take the perfect Estonian passport photo. 


Estonian passport photo requirements

Below we’ve put all of the different rules and regulations of Estonian passport photos in a few important categories, from the background, through the lighting, dress code, and technical requirements, to your positioning in front of the camera. 

The background 

The background of your Estonian passport photo has to have a light, white color. It should be free of anyone else than you and don’t show any objects. You can’t have a background with a pattern as it has to be plain. It’s a good idea to take the picture against a white wall or a white sheet. 

The lighting 

When it comes to the lighting in your Estonian passport photo, make sure to avoid any type of shadows. The best lighting is natural lighting in front of you – a good idea would be to stand facing a window during the day. Watch out for light intensity as it shouldn’t make your face look underexposed or overexposed. 

The dress code & facial expressions

There is no dress code for an Estonian passport photo. The thing to avoid would be wearing white clothing as your clothes should contrast the background of the picture. Don’t wear any headgear (the only time it’s allowed is when it’s done for religious reasons). Avoid big jewelry and bright colors – anything that can divert the attention from your face. 

Sunglasses and tinted lenses are not allowed, but you will be permitted to wear prescription glasses as long as they don’t cover or change your eyes. 

Facial expression:

  • Keep it neutral
  • Refrain from smiling or frowning
  • Keep your eyes open and look straight into the lens
  • Remember not to open your mouth
  • Don’t show any teeth. 

Estonian passport photo size and technical rules

Here are some important technical rules for Estonian passport photos:

  • You will need two identical copies of your Estonian passport photo
  • Your photo should be over 600 dpi in quality 
  • Your Estonian passport photo cannot be older than 6 months
  • You need to watch out so that your photo is not blurry
  • The photo has to show your natural eye color and skin tone – it cannot be in black&white or any other filters
  • You can’t digitally alter your photo
  • Your photo has to be 40x50mm in size. 

Your position in front of the camera

You are required to face forward and look straight into the camera in your Estonian passport photo. You should also make sure that your ears are fully visible in your photo. Your shoulders should be straight and parallel to the camera. 

Estonian passport photo tricks and tips

We also added some important tips and tricks for an Estonian passport photo:

  • Use natural lighting – there is almost no room to go wrong with that and also you can make sure that your photo is not underexposed or overexposed that year
  • Avoid heavy make-up – while this is not technically forbidden, it’s best to keep a natural look
  • Don’t cover up scars or birthmarks – they are an important part of facial recognition
  • Double-check if your background is not compromised by other things visible in it.

Estonian passport photo summed up

To sum up – there are a lot of things to remember when taking an Estonian passport photo. You need to keep in mind not only how you should look, but also how the background should look and many technical rules. If you use this guide, though, it’s going to go very smoothly. So read away once again and get photo-taking!


Can I smile in my Estonian passport photo?

No, your facial expression in an Estonian passport photo has to be neutral – this means that you can’t smile or frown.

Is showing teeth allowed in Estonian passport photos?

No, showing teeth is not allowed. You need to keep your mouth closed in an Estonian passport photo.

Are beards allowed in Estonian passport photos?

Yes, beards are allowed in Estonian passport photos as long as they’re a part of your everyday look.

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