Background in Passport Photos

Background in Passport Photos

There are many requirements for passport photos in the United States. Some concern the lighting, some the editing, etc. In this article, we would like to show you the rules and regulations about passport photo

Beard in Passport Photos

Beard in Passport Photos

When taking a passport photo, you might wonder about a couple of technicalities such as, for example, whether or not you can have your beard in your passport photo. This is where we come in

US Passport Application Form

U.S. Passport Application Form

When applying for a passport you will have to present a couple of important documents, one of them being the US passport application form – the DS-11 form. All of its specifics and how to

How to Apply for a US Passport?

How to Apply for a U.S. Passport?

If you need a passport, you’ve certainly been wondering how to apply for it to avoid any unnecessary complications. We come to help in the form of a full article explaining all of the details

Jewelry in Passport Photos

Jewelry in Passport Photos

When taking a passport photo you will be met with quite a lot of different rules and regulations that you will be expected to follow. While most of these guidelines are written rather straightforwardly, some

Can You Travel with an Expired Passport?

Can You Travel with an Expired Passport?

Traveling can be complicated – you need to think of everything, pack all the necessities, remember about all the important documents. When your passport is nearing its expiration date you might start to wonder whether


Passport Photo Requirements

Applying for a new passport can seem like quite a task with a lot to do, yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. All you need to do, for the process to go smoothly,


Glasses in Passport Photos

Passport photo rules and regulations change and develop with the passing years and we need to adapt to them – researching and learning them to make sure that our passport applications are done correctly. In


When Do You Need a Passport?

This might not be obvious but there is more than one reason to need a passport. Most people think that getting a passport is strictly related to travel but there are some other requirements when


DS-82 Passport Form

In the process of renewing your passport, you might have stumbled upon the DS-82 form somewhere among the mixture of other rules and regulations. If you’re wondering what it is, how to use it and


Acceptable Passport Photos

Taking a proper passport photo that follows the official requirements can seem like a daunting task but, in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Acceptable US passport photos are easy to take, edit,