a pakistani passport with a text saying passport photos for pakistanis what you need to know

Pakistani Passport Photo

Passports are used for many purposes, from identity verification during traveling to proof of identity in a store. The first step in obtaining a passport is usually getting a proper passport photo that follows the

Camera and a passport book lying on a world’s map, text: how to make US passport photos using gimp?

U.S. Passport Photo in GIMP: How To Make One?

If you want to edit your own U.S. passport photo according to the official regulations set by the government of the United States, you might try using the GIMP program. In our article, we’d like

cruise on the water and another cruise on water and view for blue sky and inscription "What Month Are Cruises the Cheapest?"

What Month Are Cruises the Cheapest?

Cruises can open up the world for us, taking us to many different places from the comfort of a grand ship with many amazing attractions onboard. They speak grandeur, splendor, and magnificence. But do all

American passport on white background; dates of issuing and expiration of American passport; text: “Expired Passport Renewal”

Expired U.S. Passport Renewal

Passports expire – for adults after ten years and the children’s ones after five years. What to do when we need to renew them? This article will discuss expired passport renewal – how to do

U.S. Post Office building, opened passport on a desk, text “U.S. Passport Renewal At The Post Office”.

Passport Renewal at the Post Office

Most of the US passport acceptance facilities can be found in post offices.  It’s no secret that you can also renew your passport there. But should you do it in person, or simply by mailing


Philippine Passport Photo

When you’re applying for a Philippine passport, you will be required to get a proper passport photo that follows all of the regulations set by the government of the Philippines. In this article, we’d like


How Long Does It Take To Renew a US Passport

If you currently need to renew your US passport, you might be wondering how long it will take. Well, for various reasons the process can take some different times – in this article, we talk