Can I Use a Selfie for a Passport Photo

Can I Use a Selfie for a Passport Photo?

You’d be surprised, but this actually is a very popular question among younger people who have to get a passport for the first time ever. Selfies are a huge part of Generation Z and Millenials’

a passport and a travel bag in the background, two American passports and a title: “What are the rules for passport photos?”

What Are The Rules For Passport Photos?

What is a passport? A passport is an essential official document for traveling abroad. Everyone needs to hold a valid passport to go abroad regardless of age, gender, or nationality. If you have plans to

Can You Show Teeth in the Passport Photo?

Can You Show Teeth in the Passport Photo?

We know that taking a new passport photo can sometimes be stressful, but are you well informed on all the dos and don’ts to get your passport photo accepted? In this article, you will know

Can I wear makeup in my passport photo?

Can I Wear Makeup in My Passport Photo?

Clothing, jewelry, haircuts, and make-up on passport photos are important elements and their appearance is the difference between a passport your family loves and one you cry about every time you see it. We share

Passport Photos at Walgreens

How Much Is a Passport Photo at Walgreens?

If you plan on renewing or getting a new passport – you probably know that your passport application requires two photos attached. It may sound fairly simple, but getting your passport photo may get a

can you take your own passport photo

Can You Take Your Own Passport Photo?

If you are looking to applying for a passport or renewing your current one, you need to take a passport photo. You can choose to go to a professional photographer, but you have to decide