Can I Travel With My Maiden Name on My Passport for My Honeymoon?

Consider this. You have just gotten married or are close to doing so and are planning a honeymoon away from home. You quickly realize there is a major question looming: “Can I travel with my maiden name on my passport for my honeymoon?” 

Well, thankfully for you, we have the answer, and it is: “Yes! But under certain conditions.” Keep reading below, where we explain this answer in more detail.

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How do I travel for my honeymoon right after my wedding with my passport

Traveling after your wedding, especially for your honeymoon, might seem like a complex or confusing process. In reality it isn’t, if you have all the necessary information regarding your documents and plans. 

In terms of using your passport for your honeymoon, it is actually quite simple. Just like anyone else, as long as your passport has not expired, you should be able to use it as usual. And when it comes to the name shown on your passport, it is pretty much the same—meaning that if your passport is in your maiden name, it remains valid until it eventually expires. 

How is that possible? Well, getting married does not automatically change your name to that of your spouse. It is a process that you must go through, and quite a time-consuming one at that. So, until that process has been completed, your maiden/family name remains legally valid. As does your passport. 

When traveling by land or sea, especially, you should have no problem using your previous-name passport. Regardless of whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, the authorities will not be asking about your marital status. However, if you are traveling by plane, you should be a bit more careful. 

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Using a passport with maiden name to board a plane

The TSA Secure Flight Program explains that you should make sure the name provided when booking your flights matches the government ID you will be using when traveling. So, in order to avoid any problems at boarding, your passport book and airline ticket should have the same name on them, whether that is your maiden name or your married name. 

If you have already booked your flights or made reservations in your married name, you may still use your maiden name passport only if you can prove that the process of your name change has already begun. The U.S. Department of State declares that all citizens must travel in their current, legal name. 

Possessing your original or certified marriage certificate will do just fine. Keep in mind, though, that the marriage certificate usually takes around 2 (two) weeks to be issued after the wedding. So make sure to plan and have all your necessary documents in advance for your honeymoon travels to go smoothly.


Honeymoon travel and name change on passport: FAQ

Can I go on a honeymoon with a passport in my maiden name?

Yes you can, as long as your airline tickets are also booked in your maiden name and you have not finished the process of a name change. Your maiden name remains valid after your marriage and until your passport expires. In the case you have already undergone the process of a name change, it is best you renew your passport before going on your honeymoon.

Can I travel with a passport that has my maiden name?

Yes. Your maiden name remains valid even after your marriage and until your passport expires. If you are going through the process of a name change, however, it is recommended that you eventually get your old passport renewed with your married name to reflect your most current legal name. 

Can you travel with a passport with a different last name?

As long as the passport is legally valid and does not violate any U.S. government statements or laws, you may travel with a passport that has a previous/maiden or different surname. Make sure to have all your tickets in that name, as well as hold all the documents (such as marriage certificate) proving the reason you are traveling with a different last name.

Can I fly under my maiden name?

Yes. You may fly under your maiden name only if you have also booked your airline tickets in that same name and your identification documents still have your maiden name on them. 

Can I travel with my maiden name on my passport for my honeymoon – closing thoughts

To sum up all that has been stated above, traveling with your maiden name on your passport for your honeymoon is permissible. Getting married does not automatically invalidate your previous name and thus should not cause any problems with the authorities. When flying to your honeymoon destination, remember to book flights in your maiden name. If you have already done so in your married name, don’t fret; simply bring along proof of the progression of your name change. 

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