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Passports are used for many purposes, from identity verification during traveling to proof of identity in a store. The first step in obtaining a passport is usually getting a proper passport photo that follows the rules set by your country’s government. It’s no different in Pakistan. If you’re looking for a guide, explaining all the requirements of a Pakistani passport photo, search no more, and read our instructions below. 

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Pakistani passport photo requirements

The Pakistan government has prepared a set of guidelines regarding national passport photos. In this section, we broke those rules down to 5 (five) main categories:

  • Background
  • Size and quality
  • Lightning
  • Dress code
  • Posing.

What is more, your Pakistani passport photos cannot be older than 6 (six) months. 

For the passport application process, you need to submit 2 (two) identical copies of your Pakistani passport photo. Photographs cannot be damaged or of bad quality, meaning: there should be no “red eyes” effect, scratches, crumpled paper or the shadow of the sun on your face.

Rule №1 – background

Your Pakistani passport photo has to have a plain white background. There cannot be any objects or people visible in your photograph. 

The background of the Pakistani passport image cannot distract attention from your facial features, and it shouldn’t be blurred or digitally altered – keep it white or light monochrome. 

Rule №2 – size and quality

The required size of a Pakistani passport photo is 35 x 45mm. Passport images have to be taken in at least 600dpi or higher. Your face should take up 80% of the photograph.

Rule №3 – lighting 

The best lighting for your Pakistani passport photo is a natural light coming from in front of your face. Make sure there are no shadows visible anywhere within the photograph. 

Rule №4 – dress code

Although there is no official dress code for Pakistani passport photos, you should wear clothes of a different color than the background. Work and sports uniforms, as well as camouflages, are not allowed. Best is to wear casual, every-day clothes.

Head-coverings are allowed only if worn for religious reasons, but your whole face must be visible. 

Dark-framed glasses, sunglasses, or tinted glasses are not allowed. You can only wear prescribed glasses for medical reasons. 

Use only a modest and classic make up look, without covering your facial features, such as pimples or scars. Jewelry is allowed but only in a moderate form, such as small earrings and a simple necklace. 

Rule №5 – your position & facial expression

Your position in your Pakistani passport photo has to be natural, with straight shoulders and your face turned towards the camera. 

Your eyes have to be open and you should look straight into the camera’s lens. Be sure to have your mouth closed, as no teeth can be shown. Keep a neutral facial expression – that means you cannot smile or frown. 

Pakistani passport photos for small children

Here are some essential rules for a Pakistani passport photo for a small child:

  • Your child’s passport photo has to be taken against a white and plain background which you can achieve by putting your baby on a white sheet or in a car seat covered by a white sheet
  • You, or any adult person, cannot be visible in your child’s passport photo. Also, remember to take away any toys, pacifiers, etc., so there’s only your baby in the photo
  • Your child has to be awake and not crying – to achieve the perfect picture, you might consider doing a photo series instead of individually taking the photos. 


Pakistani passport photo: a summary 

Taking a Pakistani passport photo requires following rules and regulations set by the government of Pakistan. Make sure that you carefully follow the instructions presented in the article, and you should do perfectly well.

Pakistani passport photo: FAQs

What’s the size of a Pakistani passport photo in inches?

Your Pakistani passport photo has to be 1,4×1,8 inches in size.

What’s the size of a Pakistani passport photo in cm?

The size of your Pakistani passport photo has to be 3,5×4,5 cm.

Can I smile in my Pakistani passport photo?

No, you are required to keep your facial expression neutral in your Pakistani passport image.

Can my baby be sleeping in their Pakistani passport photo?

No, your child has to be awake in their Pakistani passport picture and their eyes have to be open and visible.

What color background should I have in my Pakistani passport photo?

Your Pakistani passport photo has to be taken against a clear white background.

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