Where To Get Canadian Passport Photos in the U.S.

While living in the United States (U.S.), Canadians may find themselves in need of renewing their passports. In this case, a question can arise – where to get Canadian passport photos? In our article, we break down some of these options. 

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Where to take Canadian passport photos: list of options

When it comes to taking a Canadian passport photo, there is one crucial thing to keep in mind: these photos have to be signed by a photographer.

If you decide to take passport photos yourself, or acquire them using online tools, make sure to get a signature upon printing—otherwise your photographs may be denied upon submitting your passport application. 

So, where can you get Canadian passport photos in the U.S.? Below you can find some of the best options tailored for Canadian requirements for you to browse through.

Canadian passport photos in the U.S.: in-store photo centers

In-store services are usually the cheapest and take the least amount of time. For example, you can go to a pharmacy or grocery store near your home, and have your passport photo taken there at the same time in less than 30 minutes. This way you can save time on going and finding a special photo studio.

All of the in-store photo centers can take your Canadian passport photo, because they have ready-made templates for any document on their computers. For this photo service you can pay from $7 to $15, depending on the store you choose. 

The quality of the photo and the length of the photo creation process also depends on the professionalism of the employees of your chosen photo center. In order for the photos to be perfect you need to be thorough in choosing the photo center.

The most common stores offering passport photo services are: 

  • Walmart
  • Target 
  • Walgreens
  • UPS store
  • CVS
  • FedEx Office
  • Rite Aid.

You can find Canadian passport photo centers in almost every store in every city in the USA. Be sure to specify that you need a photo for a Canadian passport, as the requirements for a U.S. passport photo, for example, vary in size, resolution, background color, and number of photos.

Make sure to double-check if your freshly-taken passport photographs have a proper signature at the reverse, preferably with a stamp. Such signature is a requirement of the Government of Canada. 


Canadian passport photos in the U.S.: professional photo studios 

If you decide to take a Canadian passport photo in a professional photo studio, know that this option may cost you twice as much as the cost of services, such as online photo converters. The cost of a Canadian passport photo in a photo studio may require up to an additional $15 – because you are paying for a more professional service. 

Finding a photo studio depends on your location, but simply google “photo studios near me.” This option can also be a bit time-consuming, since you’ll probably have to make an appointment. 

Most photographers in the U.S. are not aware of the requirements for Canadian passport photos. Most likely they specialize in U.S. documents specifically. You will need to find out the requirements for a Canadian passport photo so that you can inform the photographer in the studio afterwards.

Canadian passport photo in the U.S.: post office

The post office specializes in U.S. documents, and there is no guarantee that employees know the requirements for Canadian passport photos. So in order to take a Canadian passport photo there you will need to learn all the requirements (size, background color, paper type) yourself. 

When going for a Canadian passport photo to a post office, you should always ask (through a call or an email) separately in a specific post office if they can do a Canadian passport photo before visiting. 

In most of these facilities, you could also get your previously existing passport photos printed on a high-quality photographic printer.

Canadian passport photo in the U.S.: online passport photo tools

Apart from the stationary photo studios and photo centers, there is an option to take your Canadian passport photo online with the help of dedicated tools.

With online photo converters, you just need to upload a photo and a built-in neural network will recognise the face and make a state standard mark-up. The apps themselves will correct non-obvious errors such as incorrect head tilt and replace your picture’s background with a plain white one. Afterwards you can print the result or save the image digitally.

We recommend you to use following passport photo online converters:

  • PhotoAiD – $4.75 for a digital photo ($4 for 2 (two) paper photos to your address),
  • 123PassportPhoto – $6.96 for a digital photo. You can download the image and print it at any photo printing service, but you can’t get photos delivered to your home with this online editor,
  • IDPhoto4You – $6.96 for a digital photo. You can download the image and print it at any photo printing service or on a color printer, but you can’t order a delivery of printed Canadian passport photos with this online service.

If you decide to use an online passport photo tool to get your Canadian passport photo, it is best to order a paper version—instead of a digital one—and ask for a stamped signature at the picture’s reverse.  

Online photo converters are conveniently fast and mobile – there is no need to install software on a computer, and there is always access from any device. 

Getting a Canadian passport photo in the U.S.: sum up 

Getting a Canadian passport photo in the United States is an easy task if you know where to go. A safe choice would be to visit one of the in-store locations, such as Walmart or Walgreens, that provide passport photo services. 

Remember that your application requires two identical passport photos with a photographer’s signature at the back.


Does CVS do Canadian passport photos?

Yes, CVS takes Canadian passport photos. They use a biometric system that double-checks if your picture is done according to the Canadian rules and regulations for a passport photo. 

Does Walgreens take Canadian passport photos?

Yes, at Walgreens you can have your Canadian passport photo taken. Walgreens photo center computers have built-in rules and regulations for taking photos for Canadian passports and any other documents. So you don’t have to worry about bringing in your prepared Canadian passport photos already in printed or electronic form. 

Does Costco do Canadian passport photos?

Although it is not explicitly stated, Costco employees can take your Canadian passport photo if you provide them with the official Canadian rules for passport photos. You should call ahead to your closest location and double-check about this service. 

Does UPS do Canadian passport photos?

UPS does take Canadian passport photos, but you must sign up in advance for this service. For example, if you plan to visit UPS, it is best to visit their official website and find the manager’s contact information so you can either call or email to notify them of your arrival.

Can I take my Canadian passport photo by myself?

No, your photo has to be taken by a photographer or in a studio (a signature is going to be needed). To make your passport photo yourself, use online photo editors such as PhotoAiD. The photo converter will automatically edit your image to meet Canadian passport requirements with a 100% guarantee of acceptance.

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