Jewelry in Passport Photos

When taking a passport photo you will be met with quite a lot of different rules and regulations that you will be expected to follow. While most of these guidelines are written rather straightforwardly, some questions still arise about some of them – one being: can you wear jewelry in passport photos? Read along with our article to find out. 

Jewelry in Passport Photos

Is jewelry allowed in passport photos?

The simplest answer is – yes. Jewelry and piercings are easily allowed in passport photos as long as they don’t cover your facial features significantly. It’s better to avoid big jewelry, though, as it derives focus from your face. You shouldn’t wear any jewelry pieces on your hair either, as it can hide the background which is not acceptable. 

It’s good to also look into the material of jewelry that you are wearing. For example, if your jewelry is particularly shiny and reflects the light, it’s better not to wear it as it can tarnish the photo’s quality. It can’t be anything that looks like headphones or electronic machines either as these are not allowed in passport photos. 

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4 things to watch out for with jewelry in passport photos

Here are some things to particularly watch out for when it comes to jewelry in passport pictures:

  1. Shiny jewelry: if your jewelry reflects the light and creates a shiny effect on the photo – better take it off,
  2. Big jewelry: if your jewelry is big and draws the attention away from your face – this can be a sign that your photo might get rejected, better to take it off,
  3. Jewelry draws focus away: if your photo focuses mostly on jewelry – you might consider taking off the jewelry or toning it down,
  4. Jewelry hiding the background: if your jewelry hides the background of the photo – you have to take off the jewelry. 

Jewelry in passport photos summed up 

To sum up – it’s strictly up to you whether or not you choose to wear jewelry in passport pictures. You need to still be mindful of other rules and regulations though, such as the fact that nothing can be hiding your face. Make sure that your jewelry doesn’t hide the background either and you should do good. 


Are earrings allowed in passport photos?

Yes, you can wear earrings in your passport photo. The only thing to keep in mind is that they shouldn’t cover your facial features or hide the background. It’s also better to avoid big earrings in case they draw attention from your face.

Can I have my nose pierced in my passport photo?

Yes, you can have your nose pieces in your passport photo. Just make sure that your piercing doesn’t hide your facial features.

Should I take out my face piercings in my passport photo?

Not necessarily, you can leave them in if they don’t draw the attention away from your facial features and don’t hide any important birthmarks, scars, or moles.

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