Beard in Passport Photos

When taking a passport photo, you might wonder about a couple of technicalities such as, for example, whether or not you can have your beard in your passport photo. This is where we come in with an answer to this question in the form of our article below. Read along and find out. 

Beard in Passport Photos

Are you allowed to have a beard in your passport photo?

The short answer is yes! You can have a bear in your passport photo. Growing a beard is a normal part of your everyday life and in some cultures a very important thing to do and upkeep. If this is your everyday look why should you change it for a photo that is supposed to look exactly like the everyday you? Just make sure that your beard doesn’t hide more of your facial features than it naturally has to. 

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What are some things to avoid about beards in passport photos?

A good thing to avoid when it comes to beards in passport photos is having them outgrown and hiding your ears or mouth. It’s important to keep your beard trimmed for a passport photo as to not get said photo rejected. You can’t digitally remove your beard from a passport photo as this would automatically get your picture rejected. It’s also good to avoid shaving, especially for a passport photo because this would mean that you are altering your looks only for the picture and this is not encouraged. 

What about other facial hair?

You don’t have to worry much about having other facial hair visible in your passport photo. You can have stubble, a goatee, and other different kinds of beards and facial hair as this is how you look every day and you don’t have to change that especially for a passport photo. 

Beards in passport photos summed up

As you can see, beards in passport photos are more than allowed – it’s actually encouraged not to shave them especially for a passport photo as that would alter the look that you present every day. It’s just good to keep them trimmed and not hiding any other facial features than they need to. Other types of facial hair are allowed as well. 


Should I cut my beard for a passport photo?

No. If a beard is a component of your everyday look you can leave it as it is. If it’s something temporary you can cut it.

Are sideburns allowed in passport photos?

Yes, you can have sideburns in your passport photo. As long as they don’t hide your important facial features you should be fine.

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