Can You Have Bangs in Passport Photo? 

Choosing the right hairstyle for a passport photo is important. In this blog article, you will learn about all the nuances of the official rules regarding hairstyles in a passport photo. And finally, you will get the answer to your question, if it’s possible to keep your bangs while taking photos for your passport application. 

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Rules for passport photos: chair, pose, shadows, etc.

Firstly, it is essential to make a mental note that your hair frames your whole face in such small photos like passport ones. Factors such as hair sticking out in different directions, wet hair, untidy hairstyle – can lead to the fact that you will not look as good in the passport photo as you would like. So before you go to the photo session get your hair in order: wash your head, dry or straighten it, make a plait or ponytail.

When creating your passport photo, you need to take care of your hair and make sure it meets the established and mandatory U.S. passport photo requirements in order for the authorities to approve your passport application.

Bangs in your passport photo: overview of the requirements

Even though we said “Yes” to your question concerning bangs, there are still some specific details you should be aware of. 

According to the U.S. passport requirements, there are no strict requirements for bangs. If your bangs do not interfere with your brow line and your face is recognizable at passport control, you may leave them on and have your passport photo taken with them.

If you have a full fringe that covers your eyebrows. It’s better to clip your bangs up.

As long as you remember all of the above-mentioned U.S. official regulations while taking photos for your new passport, you and your bangs are totally good to go!

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Can bangs cover your eyes in a passport photo?

Although you may have bangs, the passport photo should not have any protruding curls obscuring your face (especially your eyes and eyebrows). Even if you wear this hairstyle every day, we recommend you to change it for your passport photo in order to avoid possible rejection of your photo by the authorities.

According to the official U.S. passport rules, you must not have any hair in front of your eyes when your official photograph is taken. In addition, nothing must hide your face (huge glasses, too long bangs, etc.), and there must be no shadows on or behind you (from the sun, camera, closet). 

Are there any alternatives for your fringe in passport photos?

The simplest way is to recreate this look on your hairdo and pull it back during the photo shoot to make your face perfectly visible. If your bangs are too short for such hairstyles as a bun or a ponytail, we recommend you to clip it up with a small and ‌almost invisible hairpin in neutral colors.

Remember that during the photo shoot – there should not be any visible objects. Such accessories include hairbands, jewelry, elastic bands and other visible jewelry. If your hair is in the way, bundle it up behind your head. It will not be noticeable in a passport photograph.


Is it okay to have bangs in a passport photo? – FAQs

Can you have bangs in a passport photo?

Yes, you can. According to U.S. passport photo requirements, you are allowed to have your bangs on your picture. However, it is still essential to remember to keep your face perfectly visible. Don’t let your fringe cover up your brows and eyes. Make sure that your face is recognizable in the photo.

Can I take an ID photo with bangs?

Yes, you can have bangs in a passport photo, according to U.S. authorities rules. This rule applies to all documents that require a picture.The bangs should not be very long – your eyes and your brows must be visible so you could be recognizable at the passport control.

Can you have your hair down on passport photos?

Yes! You may leave your hair long and loose most of the time, especially if you wear it this way in everyday life. Your hair is not supposed to hide any of your facial features. We recommend to gather the hair behind the ears, in a ponytail or fasten it with a barrette at the back.

Can bangs cover your eyes in a passport photo?

It’s a big no! The very first and essential rule concerning your passport photos – is to keep your face visible.Even if you decide not to keep your hair back and take your passport photos with your fringe make sure that your facial features remain visible, especially your eyes! 

Can you have bangs in a passport photo – final thoughts

You and your fancy bangs should relax and follow the basic rules of passport photography that we talked about in this post. As long as your bangs are not covering your eyes, eyebrows, or other features – you just have to make sure that your bangs and hairstyle are neatly styled and not a single hair sticking out in different directions.

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