Passport Hair Color Choices in Applications

You’re researching what kind of information you’ll have to write down in the upcoming passport application, is that right? Then, you’ve made a good call coming here, as we will tell you everything about passport hair color choices and how to write down a correct answer when applying.

You’ll learn, among other things, what color you should pick when your hair is dyed or when you’ve no hair at all. We’ll guide you through the application process and make sure the information you submit is correct and valid.

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What hair color to put on a passport application?

A passport photo is a matter that needs solving when you want to apply for a new passport book. Even though your hair can clearly be seen in the picture, you still will need to write its color down on the application.

The document, after all, must be thorough and include all important information like the color of your eyes, for example, so buckle up as the hair color you’re sporting is key information as well.

Thing is, though, that our hair color tends to change, be it our conscious decision or not, and you will be asked to input the right one when applying for a new passport.

Even if the clerk at the passport agency has a clear view of your hair, you are still required to write down what exactly is the hue mother nature gave you or the one which you have chosen yourself.

  • Blonde
  • Red
  • Auburn
  • Light brown
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Ginger
  • White

As you may have guessed before, there is quite a wide variety of hair colors to choose from and some people, especially women, might actually need a minute to consider. 

Stop and think for a moment what word would best describe your current hair color and find the right place to write it down. It is very much an obligatory part of the passport application and one of the key steps in the application process set up by the state department.

Please note that if there is a difference between the color of your hair in the new passport photo and the one you want to write down, it is no big deal at all.

To give you an example, just as growing a beard isn’t considered a significant change in the passport renewal process, changing the color of your hair is treated the same way.

Passport hair color choices: dyed hair

We’ve covered the types of hair colors you will be asked to confirm in the passport application but what if your hair cannot be described as easily as saying “brown hair”?

You are in luck because people who tend to be more playful with their hair colors, choosing blue, green, pink or even combinations of them should find the whole ordeal quite straightforward all things considered.

Feel free to write down “orange” or any other color that adorns your head and if it checks out with the pictures you’ve brought to the passport office, even better.

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Passport hair color choices: more eccentric dyed hair

If you like to dominate every room you enter with two or even three-colored hair, you just need to think what color is the dominating one and that answer will be deemed perfectly satisfactory and complete. In fact, however, you’ve got more options here.

You can write down your natural color and even if it clashes with the current color, the answer will still be valid passport information and will cause no trouble. The application will go on as intended.

Hair color in passport applications: bald people

You might wonder “what about people who have no hair on their head”, which is a perfectly reasonable question. Luckily, what seems like a slightly complicated situation is in fact a rather straightforward one.

Even should you find yourself in a situation in which you’ve got hair in your passport photo but now you’re going with the bald look, you can write down the exact hue you had in the past, your natural color.

Passport photos are a good source when you’re looking to input the right information in the passport application so go ahead and base your choice of answer on the picture.

This is, however, not the only string to your bow, as you can also treat the color of your facial hair as a good representation of what hair color you should pick in the application. It is perfectly fine to assume that the color of your facial hair can be deemed as your original hair color.

Passport application hair color: children

It is perfectly reasonable to be under the impression that the answer to the hair color question may be a bit more difficult to provide when it comes to children. After all, it isn’t uncommon for children to undergo quite drastic changes in their youth in terms of hair color. Even their eye color can change given time, mind you.

Perhaps when they were born everything pointed to their hair behind black but then you realize that it begins to lighten with each passing year. 

You’ll be no doubt glad to hear that children have very similar rules when applying for their first passport. You can just take a look at their passport photo and base your answer on that alone. Their form will look the same as yours so be ready to write down their hair color, eye color and provide any other information required.

Also, feel free to just trust your intuition and pick whatever color you believe would be the closest to accurately describing your child’s hair color.

If the child hasn’t grown any hair yet, proving it difficult to determine what exactly to put under the “hair color” column, you can guess based on their brows, for example. Worry not, however, because if the child’s appearance doesn’t suggest 

Hair color on passport applications: children’s dyed hair

When it comes to dyed hair, the age of the person in the passport picture matters not. Just like you were able to pick from the current color or the one you were born with, you can do precisely the same in regards to your child.

Decide which dye color is the dominating one and feel free to write it down. Remember, however, that their natural hair color still remains another valid answer you’re free to submit.

Just keep in mind that if you need to apply for a passport renewal for your child it would be the safest bet to pick a hair color that can be seen in the new photo that will soon represent their appearance in what will be their current passport book in a few weeks time.

In fact, passport photos in general remain the best suggestion of which color to pick when completing the application.

Passport hair color choices – wrap up

As you may have already deduced, the color you pick in the passport application is no big deal at all and as long as it relates to either your current hair color or your natural one, you will be fine.

When completing the documentation involved in the passport application process you should either take a moment and really think about what color best describes your hair or take a quick look at the photo you’re submitting and treat it as a cheat sheet.


If I dye my hair, what hair color should I put on my passport?

Should you decide to dye your hair you still have two options when completing the passport application documentation. The safest bet would be to use the color that accurately describes your current appearance but bear in mind you can also submit a document with your natural color written down.

On the passport application should I put natural hair color or dyed color?

Ideally, you would choose the color that represents your latest appearance but your natural, original hue will do as well.

What to write down in the passport application if I frequently change hair color?

Picking the color that relates to your new passport photo would be the safest option, but you can still write down your natural color and the answer will be acceptable.

What color to pick in the U.S. passport application when your hair is partially gray?

In that case, you should just stick with your natural color. You don’t need to mention that you’ve got gray hair. If the color begins to dominate over your natural one, then you can actually write down gray.

How do I answer hair color on my passport application if I am bald?

onsider the color of your eyebrows. You can also write down the same color as your beard, but it isn’t unheard of to have a combination of, for example, the color blonde and red. Your eyebrows will be the best suggestion.

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