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Your Swedish passport is a biometric document that contains data necessary to identify you – your fingerprints and your photograph. So it is important for your passport photo to look right and meet the requirements for official documents in your country. In this article, we will introduce you to all the information you need to create that kind of photograph with confidence.

More and more people decide to take pictures for documents themselves. This way is more affordable and comfortable. As the matter of fact – you can create your own passport photo quite easily. And the best part is – your phone is the only thing you need!


Swedish passport photo requirements

Your passport photo would be a part of an official document, so it needs to follow all the rules and regulations for a Swedish passport photo. It may sound serious, but don’t worry. We are here to explain everything and guide you through it step by step. So you can be certain your passport photo would get easily accepted.

So let’s start – here is what you should know before getting your biometric photo done:

  • The size of your picture should be 35 x 45 mm. Those requirements are similar for almost all European countries.
  • Your photo should be recent. If you have a photo you liked, but it is older than 6 months, you can no longer use it.
  • It has to be original. It just means that it cannot be part of another photo – like a group one – that you have cut down.
  • The picture should be of good quality, made in color and not retouched in any way. So you cannot use any filters or editing software to change it.

Can you take your Swedish passport photo at home?

Nowadays there is no need to book the whole photoshoot and hire a professional photographer. The technology we have in our homes can easily give us the type of photo that is needed for a passport or ID, without any special photographic gear. So all you need is your digital camera – or better – just your phone, and you are ready to shoot.

There is no reason we could not do professionally looking photos ourselves. Especially when we have access to online tools designed for passport photo checking and retouching. So let’s get right to it!

What you should wear for a Swedish passport photo?

There are no strict rules about what you should wear, but there are some about what you cannot. For example, you can’t wear any kind of uniform or army clothing. So it is best to choose something casual and comfortable. It is also good to choose your outfit in a way that it contrasts with the light background.

You can have jewelry but make sure it is not too flashy and does not obscure the oval of your face or make your facial features unclear. Don’t wear any hats or caps, unless you have to wear head covering for religious purposes. Just make sure that while your hair is covered, your face is still clearly visible.

You cannot wear sunglasses or tinted glasses, and we recommend that you remove your prescription glasses. But if you wear them for a medical reason you can keep them. Just pay attention if they do not reflect light or create shadows on your face.

Prepare your space

Although a professional photography studio is not necessary, it is easier to capture the perfect photo if you prepare your surroundings first. Retouching a photo can be complicated, and sometimes even get your photo rejected. So it is better to avoid some mistakes while taking the picture, so you don’t need to worry about fixing them later.

Find the right background

The background in your photo should be white or some similar color. So try to find a surface that could take the role of your backdrop. It can be off-white, cream, or even light grey, as long as there are no patterns visible on it. You can just use a wall in your home or hang a piece of fabric. Make sure it looks flat, and check if there is no furniture or any kinds of objects visible in the frame.

Set the lights

To make your portrait clear and visible your face should be evenly lit. So make sure there are no sharp lights or dramatic shadows. To do it, try using natural light. If you can, place yourself in front of the window. Sunlight should make your facial features evenly exposed, and it is easier to capture the real colors of your skin, hair and eyes. 

But if you cannot use the daylight, set up some lamps. Don’t forget to check if they do not cast sharp shadows, or make you look unnatural. The rule is the same as with natural light – the source should be in front of you to illuminate your face. While electrical light is fine, we do not advise using the flash on your camera. It can create both sharp lights and dark shadows in your picture, and make your eyes look red in the photo.

How to pose for your passport photo?

Now the set is ready and it is finally time to stand in front of the camera. Your photo should not be a selfie, so now it is time to ask someone for help. So get your assistant ready with the camera or phone and place yourself in front of your prepared background. Stand about 1.5 m away from the lens and look straight into it.

Keep your head frontally, and don’t tilt it in any direction. Relaxing your shoulders should help you stand still and not fidget or rotate your body in any way. You don’t smile for the passport photo, so let your face rest, and let your facial expression be neutral. Don’t close your eyes, and don’t open your mouth, or show your teeth. And don’t worry if the photo is not perfect right away. It is best to take a few different shots first, and then review them and choose the best picture.

Adjusting your passport photo

Now your photo is almost ready. But to make sure everything is in accordance with the document specifications it is best to use an application to compare it with all the passport photo requirements. You can use passport photo software on your computer, or straight on your phone. It will make sure your picture is correct and in accordance with the guidelines.

Passport Photo Online: Creating your Swedish passport photo in just a few seconds!

Passport Photo Online is software for making your passport photo creation easier and faster. You can use our tool in the browser, or you can download and use our app on your phone. It is free to download in app stores both for iOS and Android. Here is how it can assist you:

  • Upload your picture of choice.
  • Artificial intelligence will take care of comparing all the requirements to your submitted photo, and automatically resize and crop your photo to the needed size and ratio. It will replace the background if there is a need for it, and search for any mistakes that you may have missed. Our app will help you fix them, so your photo will be exactly the way it should be.
  • Now that your biometric photo is ready you can choose from two options. We can send you the digital version via email, or you can order it already printed straight to your door.

Our AI will assist you along the way making the whole process very intuitive and satisfying. And most importantly – you can be sure your photo will meet all the requirements and get accepted! With Passport Photo Online creating your Swedish passport photo is easier and faster than ever!

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