How to Print Properly Sized Passport Photos on 4 x 6 Paper

Printing passport photos on a regular 2 x 2 inch format may be pricey to some, especially compared with other printing formats. In many places, you are not even allowed to print your own passport photos, unless they were taken on the spot.

Does this mean you need to take a new passport photo each time you want to print it? Or that you have to spend around $10, whereas other printing formats are priced less than a dollar?

Using a 4 x 6 inch printing format, otherwise known as postcard size, makes it possible to print a set of 2 (two) passport photos at once, in any place you want, for an affordable price – often below a dollar.

But before you run to the nearest pharmacy to print your new passport postcard, make sure you have it sized and fitted properly. Otherwise, you may end up with incorrect passport photographs that will not be suitable for passport application.

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Why print passport photos on 4 x 6 inch paper?

As stated above, many places do not allow for only printing of passport sized photos. You need to have the picture taken first, and only then can you print them out. 

This means that each time you want to print an additional set of passport photos (for example, the ones you are really satisfied with), you need to take a new photograph. And that will consume your time and money, as the standard price for the passport photo service averages at around $10.

If you use a 4 x 6 inch format, instead of the regular 2 x 2 inch one, you may get around both the limitations. The 4 x 6 inch printing format is widely accessible in all photo printing places, and often it is also the cheapest one – at Walmart, for example, you can print a 4 x 6 photo for $0.39. 

So that is the first advantage: you can print your passport photo for a low price and nearly everywhere.

But there is more. If you apply the 4 x 6 inch format appropriately, you can fit 2 (two) passport photos per print. 

In total, you can receive 2 (two) passport photos for less than a dollar, instead of spending $10. That is a 90% discount, right there.

Take your passport photos online

App to print passport photos on 4 x 6 paper

The first thing you need to do is to decide upon the software you want to use.

There is more than just one app that can resize your passport photos to fit the 4 x 6 inch format. We have decided to recommend to you the one we think is the most reliable, affordable and easy to use. 

PhotoAiD is a professional passport photo tool to take and resize passport photos with your smartphone or PC. It comes with an advanced AI algorithm that automatically adjusts your pictures, by removing the background and sizing them appropriately. 

We think this is one of the most suitable apps for the job, because it has one of the most advanced and accurate pieces of software, specially designed for 4 x 6 inch passport photo printouts. What is more, it has an easy-to-use interface which will walk you through the whole process. In around 10 (ten) clicks you can have your passport photos ready for a 4 x 6 inch printing.

And if that wasn’t enough already, this app actually guarantees you that the passport photos you receive are suitable for passport application. And if things go south, you are eligible for a 200% refund. 

Creating 4 x 6 passport photos to print at Walmart (and other places too)

PhotoAiD is designed in such a way that even a senior, who has never used a smartphone before, would easily be able to use it. 

The interface is clear and comes with instructions about what you need to do next. And there are literally less than a handful of clicks you need to perform. 

What steps to perform in order to have your passport photos on a 4 x 6 inch format:

  • Step 1: access the application via website or download it from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Step 2: find the service you are looking for – if you are from the U.S., select “U.S. Passport Photo”
  • Step 3: upload a photo from your gallery or take a new one directly via the app.
  • Step 4: wait 3 (three) seconds for the software to transform your images into 4 x 6 inch passport photos.
  • Step 5: decide whether you like the picture or not – you can have multiple retakes.
  • Step 6: choose your preferred form of delivery – you can have a digital version to print yourself, or you can order a paper version. 

The digital 4 x 6 inch passport photo format you receive is suitable for printout at any printing service, such as Walmart, CVS, Target, etc.

This professional passport photo tool can transform your ordinary photographs into impeccable passport photos. With its affordable prices and truly easy-to-use interface, combined with the fact that you can use it from literally anyplace you want with no prior knowledge needed, we think it is hands-on the best solution for printing 4 x 6 inch passport photos. 


How to print 2 x 2 passport photos using 4 x 6 paper – FAQs

How many passport photos can you fit on 4 x 6 inch photo paper?

To make sure pictures are sized appropriately, it is best to fit only 2 (two) passport photos on a 4×6 inch format. Otherwise the photographs may not meet the strict passport photo standards. 

How do I print a 2 x 2 photo on a 4 x 6?

To print a 2 x 2 inch photo in a 4 x 6 format, you first need to use a dedicated software to resize your pictures appropriately.

Can I print 4 (four) passport photos on 4 x 6 inch paper?

The recommended amount of passport photos on a 4 x 6 paper is 2 (two). It comes from the fact that printing machines are not accurate enough, and fitting 4 (four) passport photos in a 4 x 6 inch format could result in the photos being printed incorrectly.

How to print passport photos on 4 x 6 inch paper in Windows 10?

If you want to print your passport photos on 4 x 6 inch paper on Windows, we recommend using a dedicated tool that can prepare you a perfect 4 x 6 inch template with your passport photos, ready for printing. Search for “passport photo tools” and find the one most suitable for you.

In order to successfully get your passport photos printed on 4 x 6 inch paper, you need the proper know-how. 

The task is not the most challenging one, but if you have never done this before we advise you to use professional software. If your photos are not sized and printed properly, they will not be suitable for passports anymore – even if taken by a professional photographer.

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